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Mar 26, 2014

Corporate Disability Management Unit

The Disability Management Unit assists employees, supervisors and human resource professionals to effectively accommodate the needs of employees who are experiencing medical conditions that impact them and their ability to work. Disability Management involves a team approach focused on designing and implementing a supportive plan that assists employees to remain at work or return to work after a medicalrelated absence. The core of the team consists of the employee and supervisor, who start the process, and bring in other resources such as human resource personnel, disability management consultants, a union representative, physicians/specialists and benefit providers as the need arises.

A Disability Management Program (DMP) has been established for all Yukon government employees to ensure a consistent approach to assisting employees to remain at work or return to work in a safe and timely manner. The DM program is based on the values of prevention, early identification, accommodation and return to work. Our vision is to ensure that employees with injuries or illness or disabilities are able to remain at work or return to work in an early and safe way, respecting the dignity of the employee and resulting in meaningful and productive work benefiting both the employee and the Yukon government. The guiding principles include a shared commitment and responsibility of members of the case management team, effective coordination of activities as well as respect and accountability by the case management team. Detailed information can be found on the Disability Management website .

Employees who require accommodation and / or return to work planning are to contact their supervisors to begin the process.

Disability Management training for human resource personnel and managers/supervisors will be provided on a monthly basis by the Disability Management Unit and dates will be forwarded through HRMAC and AHRC.

Contact Lisa Schellenberg, Disability Claims Administrator, 667-3019 or